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Project: referencesource
Source File: DbCommandTree.cs
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internal string DumpXml()
            // This is a convenience method that dumps the command tree in an XML format.
            // This is intended primarily as a debugging aid to allow inspection of the tree structure.
            // Create a new MemoryStream that the XML dumper should write to.
            MemoryStream stream = new MemoryStream();

            // Create the dumper
            XmlExpressionDumper dumper = new XmlExpressionDumper(stream);

            // Dump this tree and then close the XML dumper so that the end document tag is written
            // and the output is flushed to the stream.

            // Construct a string from the resulting memory stream and return it to the caller
            return XmlExpressionDumper.DefaultEncoding.GetString(stream.ToArray());