ZXing.PDF417.Internal.Decoder.verifyCodewordCount(int[], int)

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Project: dp2
Source File: Decoder.cs
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public DecoderResult decode(BitMatrix bits)
         // Construct a parser to read the data codewords and error-correction level
         BitMatrixParser parser = new BitMatrixParser(bits);
         int[] codewords = parser.readCodewords();
         if (codewords == null || codewords.Length == 0)
            return null;

         int ecLevel = parser.getECLevel();
         int numECCodewords = 1 << (ecLevel + 1);
         int[] erasures = parser.getErasures();

         if (!correctErrors(codewords, erasures, numECCodewords))
            return null;
         if (!verifyCodewordCount(codewords, numECCodewords))
            return null;

         // Decode the codewords
         return DecodedBitStreamParser.decode(codewords);