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Project: dp2
Source File: PDF417Reader.cs
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public Result decode(BinaryBitmap image,
                           IDictionary<DecodeHintType, object> hints)
         DecoderResult decoderResult;
         ResultPoint[] points;
         if (hints != null && hints.ContainsKey(DecodeHintType.PURE_BARCODE))
            BitMatrix bits = extractPureBits(image.BlackMatrix);
            if (bits == null)
               return null;
            decoderResult = decoder.decode(bits);
            points = NO_POINTS;
            DetectorResult detectorResult = new Detector(image).detect(hints);
            if (detectorResult == null || detectorResult.Bits == null)
               return null;
            decoderResult = decoder.decode(detectorResult.Bits);
            points = detectorResult.Points;
         if (decoderResult == null)
            return null;

         return new Result(decoderResult.Text, decoderResult.RawBytes, points,