* Copyright 2006 Jeremias Maerki in part, and ZXing Authors in part
 * Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
 * you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
 * You may obtain a copy of the License at
 * http://www.apache.org/licenses/LICENSE-2.0
 * Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
 * distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
 * See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
 * limitations under the License.

 * This file has been modified from its original form in Barcode4J.

using System;
using System.Text;

namespace ZXing.PDF417.Internal
   /// <summary>
   /// Top-level class for the logic part of the PDF417 implementation.
   /// </summary>
   internal sealed class PDF417
      /// <summary>
      /// The start pattern (17 bits)
      /// </summary>
      private const int START_PATTERN = 0x1fea8;

      /// <summary>
      /// The stop pattern (18 bits)
      /// </summary>
      private const int STOP_PATTERN = 0x3fa29;

      /// <summary>
      /// The codeword table from the Annex A of ISO/IEC 15438:2001(E).
      /// </summary>
      private static readonly int[][] CODEWORD_TABLE =
                  0x1d5c0, 0x1eaf0, 0x1f57c, 0x1d4e0, 0x1ea78, 0x1f53e,
                  0x1a8c0, 0x1d470, 0x1a860, 0x15040, 0x1a830, 0x15020,
                  0x1adc0, 0x1d6f0, 0x1eb7c, 0x1ace0, 0x1d678, 0x1eb3e,
                  0x158c0, 0x1ac70, 0x15860, 0x15dc0, 0x1aef0, 0x1d77c,
                  0x15ce0, 0x1ae78, 0x1d73e, 0x15c70, 0x1ae3c, 0x15ef0,
                  0x1af7c, 0x15e78, 0x1af3e, 0x15f7c, 0x1f5fa, 0x1d2e0,
                  0x1e978, 0x1f4be, 0x1a4c0, 0x1d270, 0x1e93c, 0x1a460,
                  0x1d238, 0x14840, 0x1a430, 0x1d21c, 0x14820, 0x1a418,
                  0x14810, 0x1a6e0, 0x1d378, 0x1e9be, 0x14cc0, 0x1a670,
                  0x1d33c, 0x14c60, 0x1a638, 0x1d31e, 0x14c30, 0x1a61c,
                  0x14ee0, 0x1a778, 0x1d3be, 0x14e70, 0x1a73c, 0x14e38,
                  0x1a71e, 0x14f78, 0x1a7be, 0x14f3c, 0x14f1e, 0x1a2c0,
                  0x1d170, 0x1e8bc, 0x1a260, 0x1d138, 0x1e89e, 0x14440,
                  0x1a230, 0x1d11c, 0x14420, 0x1a218, 0x14410, 0x14408,
                  0x146c0, 0x1a370, 0x1d1bc, 0x14660, 0x1a338, 0x1d19e,
                  0x14630, 0x1a31c, 0x14618, 0x1460c, 0x14770, 0x1a3bc,
                  0x14738, 0x1a39e, 0x1471c, 0x147bc, 0x1a160, 0x1d0b8,
                  0x1e85e, 0x14240, 0x1a130, 0x1d09c, 0x14220, 0x1a118,
                  0x1d08e, 0x14210, 0x1a10c, 0x14208, 0x1a106, 0x14360,
                  0x1a1b8, 0x1d0de, 0x14330, 0x1a19c, 0x14318, 0x1a18e,
                  0x1430c, 0x14306, 0x1a1de, 0x1438e, 0x14140, 0x1a0b0,
                  0x1d05c, 0x14120, 0x1a098, 0x1d04e, 0x14110, 0x1a08c,
                  0x14108, 0x1a086, 0x14104, 0x141b0, 0x14198, 0x1418c,
                  0x140a0, 0x1d02e, 0x1a04c, 0x1a046, 0x14082, 0x1cae0,
                  0x1e578, 0x1f2be, 0x194c0, 0x1ca70, 0x1e53c, 0x19460,
                  0x1ca38, 0x1e51e, 0x12840, 0x19430, 0x12820, 0x196e0,
                  0x1cb78, 0x1e5be, 0x12cc0, 0x19670, 0x1cb3c, 0x12c60,
                  0x19638, 0x12c30, 0x12c18, 0x12ee0, 0x19778, 0x1cbbe,
                  0x12e70, 0x1973c, 0x12e38, 0x12e1c, 0x12f78, 0x197be,
                  0x12f3c, 0x12fbe, 0x1dac0, 0x1ed70, 0x1f6bc, 0x1da60,
                  0x1ed38, 0x1f69e, 0x1b440, 0x1da30, 0x1ed1c, 0x1b420,
                  0x1da18, 0x1ed0e, 0x1b410, 0x1da0c, 0x192c0, 0x1c970,
                  0x1e4bc, 0x1b6c0, 0x19260, 0x1c938, 0x1e49e, 0x1b660,
                  0x1db38, 0x1ed9e, 0x16c40, 0x12420, 0x19218, 0x1c90e,
                  0x16c20, 0x1b618, 0x16c10, 0x126c0, 0x19370, 0x1c9bc,
                  0x16ec0, 0x12660, 0x19338, 0x1c99e, 0x16e60, 0x1b738,
                  0x1db9e, 0x16e30, 0x12618, 0x16e18, 0x12770, 0x193bc,
                  0x16f70, 0x12738, 0x1939e, 0x16f38, 0x1b79e, 0x16f1c,
                  0x127bc, 0x16fbc, 0x1279e, 0x16f9e, 0x1d960, 0x1ecb8,
                  0x1f65e, 0x1b240, 0x1d930, 0x1ec9c, 0x1b220, 0x1d918,
                  0x1ec8e, 0x1b210, 0x1d90c, 0x1b208, 0x1b204, 0x19160,
                  0x1c8b8, 0x1e45e, 0x1b360, 0x19130, 0x1c89c, 0x16640,
                  0x12220, 0x1d99c, 0x1c88e, 0x16620, 0x12210, 0x1910c,
                  0x16610, 0x1b30c, 0x19106, 0x12204, 0x12360, 0x191b8,
                  0x1c8de, 0x16760, 0x12330, 0x1919c, 0x16730, 0x1b39c,
                  0x1918e, 0x16718, 0x1230c, 0x12306, 0x123b8, 0x191de,
                  0x167b8, 0x1239c, 0x1679c, 0x1238e, 0x1678e, 0x167de,
                  0x1b140, 0x1d8b0, 0x1ec5c, 0x1b120, 0x1d898, 0x1ec4e,
                  0x1b110, 0x1d88c, 0x1b108, 0x1d886, 0x1b104, 0x1b102,
                  0x12140, 0x190b0, 0x1c85c, 0x16340, 0x12120, 0x19098,
                  0x1c84e, 0x16320, 0x1b198, 0x1d8ce, 0x16310, 0x12108,
                  0x19086, 0x16308, 0x1b186, 0x16304, 0x121b0, 0x190dc,
                  0x163b0, 0x12198, 0x190ce, 0x16398, 0x1b1ce, 0x1638c,
                  0x12186, 0x16386, 0x163dc, 0x163ce, 0x1b0a0, 0x1d858,
                  0x1ec2e, 0x1b090, 0x1d84c, 0x1b088, 0x1d846, 0x1b084,
                  0x1b082, 0x120a0, 0x19058, 0x1c82e, 0x161a0, 0x12090,
                  0x1904c, 0x16190, 0x1b0cc, 0x19046, 0x16188, 0x12084,
                  0x16184, 0x12082, 0x120d8, 0x161d8, 0x161cc, 0x161c6,
                  0x1d82c, 0x1d826, 0x1b042, 0x1902c, 0x12048, 0x160c8,
                  0x160c4, 0x160c2, 0x18ac0, 0x1c570, 0x1e2bc, 0x18a60,
                  0x1c538, 0x11440, 0x18a30, 0x1c51c, 0x11420, 0x18a18,
                  0x11410, 0x11408, 0x116c0, 0x18b70, 0x1c5bc, 0x11660,
                  0x18b38, 0x1c59e, 0x11630, 0x18b1c, 0x11618, 0x1160c,
                  0x11770, 0x18bbc, 0x11738, 0x18b9e, 0x1171c, 0x117bc,
                  0x1179e, 0x1cd60, 0x1e6b8, 0x1f35e, 0x19a40, 0x1cd30,
                  0x1e69c, 0x19a20, 0x1cd18, 0x1e68e, 0x19a10, 0x1cd0c,
                  0x19a08, 0x1cd06, 0x18960, 0x1c4b8, 0x1e25e, 0x19b60,
                  0x18930, 0x1c49c, 0x13640, 0x11220, 0x1cd9c, 0x1c48e,
                  0x13620, 0x19b18, 0x1890c, 0x13610, 0x11208, 0x13608,
                  0x11360, 0x189b8, 0x1c4de, 0x13760, 0x11330, 0x1cdde,
                  0x13730, 0x19b9c, 0x1898e, 0x13718, 0x1130c, 0x1370c,
                  0x113b8, 0x189de, 0x137b8, 0x1139c, 0x1379c, 0x1138e,
                  0x113de, 0x137de, 0x1dd40, 0x1eeb0, 0x1f75c, 0x1dd20,
                  0x1ee98, 0x1f74e, 0x1dd10, 0x1ee8c, 0x1dd08, 0x1ee86,
                  0x1dd04, 0x19940, 0x1ccb0, 0x1e65c, 0x1bb40, 0x19920,
                  0x1eedc, 0x1e64e, 0x1bb20, 0x1dd98, 0x1eece, 0x1bb10,
                  0x19908, 0x1cc86, 0x1bb08, 0x1dd86, 0x19902, 0x11140,
                  0x188b0, 0x1c45c, 0x13340, 0x11120, 0x18898, 0x1c44e,
                  0x17740, 0x13320, 0x19998, 0x1ccce, 0x17720, 0x1bb98,
                  0x1ddce, 0x18886, 0x17710, 0x13308, 0x19986, 0x17708,
                  0x11102, 0x111b0, 0x188dc, 0x133b0, 0x11198, 0x188ce,
                  0x177b0, 0x13398, 0x199ce, 0x17798, 0x1bbce, 0x11186,
                  0x13386, 0x111dc, 0x133dc, 0x111ce, 0x177dc, 0x133ce,
                  0x1dca0, 0x1ee58, 0x1f72e, 0x1dc90, 0x1ee4c, 0x1dc88,
                  0x1ee46, 0x1dc84, 0x1dc82, 0x198a0, 0x1cc58, 0x1e62e,
                  0x1b9a0, 0x19890, 0x1ee6e, 0x1b990, 0x1dccc, 0x1cc46,
                  0x1b988, 0x19884, 0x1b984, 0x19882, 0x1b982, 0x110a0,
                  0x18858, 0x1c42e, 0x131a0, 0x11090, 0x1884c, 0x173a0,
                  0x13190, 0x198cc, 0x18846, 0x17390, 0x1b9cc, 0x11084,
                  0x17388, 0x13184, 0x11082, 0x13182, 0x110d8, 0x1886e,
                  0x131d8, 0x110cc, 0x173d8, 0x131cc, 0x110c6, 0x173cc,
                  0x131c6, 0x110ee, 0x173ee, 0x1dc50, 0x1ee2c, 0x1dc48,
                  0x1ee26, 0x1dc44, 0x1dc42, 0x19850, 0x1cc2c, 0x1b8d0,
                  0x19848, 0x1cc26, 0x1b8c8, 0x1dc66, 0x1b8c4, 0x19842,
                  0x1b8c2, 0x11050, 0x1882c, 0x130d0, 0x11048, 0x18826,
                  0x171d0, 0x130c8, 0x19866, 0x171c8, 0x1b8e6, 0x11042,
                  0x171c4, 0x130c2, 0x171c2, 0x130ec, 0x171ec, 0x171e6,
                  0x1ee16, 0x1dc22, 0x1cc16, 0x19824, 0x19822, 0x11028,
                  0x13068, 0x170e8, 0x11022, 0x13062, 0x18560, 0x10a40,
                  0x18530, 0x10a20, 0x18518, 0x1c28e, 0x10a10, 0x1850c,
                  0x10a08, 0x18506, 0x10b60, 0x185b8, 0x1c2de, 0x10b30,
                  0x1859c, 0x10b18, 0x1858e, 0x10b0c, 0x10b06, 0x10bb8,
                  0x185de, 0x10b9c, 0x10b8e, 0x10bde, 0x18d40, 0x1c6b0,
                  0x1e35c, 0x18d20, 0x1c698, 0x18d10, 0x1c68c, 0x18d08,
                  0x1c686, 0x18d04, 0x10940, 0x184b0, 0x1c25c, 0x11b40,
                  0x10920, 0x1c6dc, 0x1c24e, 0x11b20, 0x18d98, 0x1c6ce,
                  0x11b10, 0x10908, 0x18486, 0x11b08, 0x18d86, 0x10902,
                  0x109b0, 0x184dc, 0x11bb0, 0x10998, 0x184ce, 0x11b98,
                  0x18dce, 0x11b8c, 0x10986, 0x109dc, 0x11bdc, 0x109ce,
                  0x11bce, 0x1cea0, 0x1e758, 0x1f3ae, 0x1ce90, 0x1e74c,
                  0x1ce88, 0x1e746, 0x1ce84, 0x1ce82, 0x18ca0, 0x1c658,
                  0x19da0, 0x18c90, 0x1c64c, 0x19d90, 0x1cecc, 0x1c646,
                  0x19d88, 0x18c84, 0x19d84, 0x18c82, 0x19d82, 0x108a0,
                  0x18458, 0x119a0, 0x10890, 0x1c66e, 0x13ba0, 0x11990,
                  0x18ccc, 0x18446, 0x13b90, 0x19dcc, 0x10884, 0x13b88,
                  0x11984, 0x10882, 0x11982, 0x108d8, 0x1846e, 0x119d8,
                  0x108cc, 0x13bd8, 0x119cc, 0x108c6, 0x13bcc, 0x119c6,
                  0x108ee, 0x119ee, 0x13bee, 0x1ef50, 0x1f7ac, 0x1ef48,
                  0x1f7a6, 0x1ef44, 0x1ef42, 0x1ce50, 0x1e72c, 0x1ded0,
                  0x1ef6c, 0x1e726, 0x1dec8, 0x1ef66, 0x1dec4, 0x1ce42,
                  0x1dec2, 0x18c50, 0x1c62c, 0x19cd0, 0x18c48, 0x1c626,
                  0x1bdd0, 0x19cc8, 0x1ce66, 0x1bdc8, 0x1dee6, 0x18c42,
                  0x1bdc4, 0x19cc2, 0x1bdc2, 0x10850, 0x1842c, 0x118d0,
                  0x10848, 0x18426, 0x139d0, 0x118c8, 0x18c66, 0x17bd0,
                  0x139c8, 0x19ce6, 0x10842, 0x17bc8, 0x1bde6, 0x118c2,
                  0x17bc4, 0x1086c, 0x118ec, 0x10866, 0x139ec, 0x118e6,
                  0x17bec, 0x139e6, 0x17be6, 0x1ef28, 0x1f796, 0x1ef24,
                  0x1ef22, 0x1ce28, 0x1e716, 0x1de68, 0x1ef36, 0x1de64,
                  0x1ce22, 0x1de62, 0x18c28, 0x1c616, 0x19c68, 0x18c24,
                  0x1bce8, 0x19c64, 0x18c22, 0x1bce4, 0x19c62, 0x1bce2,
                  0x10828, 0x18416, 0x11868, 0x18c36, 0x138e8, 0x11864,
                  0x10822, 0x179e8, 0x138e4, 0x11862, 0x179e4, 0x138e2,
                  0x179e2, 0x11876, 0x179f6, 0x1ef12, 0x1de34, 0x1de32,
                  0x19c34, 0x1bc74, 0x1bc72, 0x11834, 0x13874, 0x178f4,
                  0x178f2, 0x10540, 0x10520, 0x18298, 0x10510, 0x10508,
                  0x10504, 0x105b0, 0x10598, 0x1058c, 0x10586, 0x105dc,
                  0x105ce, 0x186a0, 0x18690, 0x1c34c, 0x18688, 0x1c346,
                  0x18684, 0x18682, 0x104a0, 0x18258, 0x10da0, 0x186d8,
                  0x1824c, 0x10d90, 0x186cc, 0x10d88, 0x186c6, 0x10d84,
                  0x10482, 0x10d82, 0x104d8, 0x1826e, 0x10dd8, 0x186ee,
                  0x10dcc, 0x104c6, 0x10dc6, 0x104ee, 0x10dee, 0x1c750,
                  0x1c748, 0x1c744, 0x1c742, 0x18650, 0x18ed0, 0x1c76c,
                  0x1c326, 0x18ec8, 0x1c766, 0x18ec4, 0x18642, 0x18ec2,
                  0x10450, 0x10cd0, 0x10448, 0x18226, 0x11dd0, 0x10cc8,
                  0x10444, 0x11dc8, 0x10cc4, 0x10442, 0x11dc4, 0x10cc2,
                  0x1046c, 0x10cec, 0x10466, 0x11dec, 0x10ce6, 0x11de6,
                  0x1e7a8, 0x1e7a4, 0x1e7a2, 0x1c728, 0x1cf68, 0x1e7b6,
                  0x1cf64, 0x1c722, 0x1cf62, 0x18628, 0x1c316, 0x18e68,
                  0x1c736, 0x19ee8, 0x18e64, 0x18622, 0x19ee4, 0x18e62,
                  0x19ee2, 0x10428, 0x18216, 0x10c68, 0x18636, 0x11ce8,
                  0x10c64, 0x10422, 0x13de8, 0x11ce4, 0x10c62, 0x13de4,
                  0x11ce2, 0x10436, 0x10c76, 0x11cf6, 0x13df6, 0x1f7d4,
                  0x1f7d2, 0x1e794, 0x1efb4, 0x1e792, 0x1efb2, 0x1c714,
                  0x1cf34, 0x1c712, 0x1df74, 0x1cf32, 0x1df72, 0x18614,
                  0x18e34, 0x18612, 0x19e74, 0x18e32, 0x1bef4
                  0x1f560, 0x1fab8, 0x1ea40, 0x1f530, 0x1fa9c, 0x1ea20,
                  0x1f518, 0x1fa8e, 0x1ea10, 0x1f50c, 0x1ea08, 0x1f506,
                  0x1ea04, 0x1eb60, 0x1f5b8, 0x1fade, 0x1d640, 0x1eb30,
                  0x1f59c, 0x1d620, 0x1eb18, 0x1f58e, 0x1d610, 0x1eb0c,
                  0x1d608, 0x1eb06, 0x1d604, 0x1d760, 0x1ebb8, 0x1f5de,
                  0x1ae40, 0x1d730, 0x1eb9c, 0x1ae20, 0x1d718, 0x1eb8e,
                  0x1ae10, 0x1d70c, 0x1ae08, 0x1d706, 0x1ae04, 0x1af60,
                  0x1d7b8, 0x1ebde, 0x15e40, 0x1af30, 0x1d79c, 0x15e20,
                  0x1af18, 0x1d78e, 0x15e10, 0x1af0c, 0x15e08, 0x1af06,
                  0x15f60, 0x1afb8, 0x1d7de, 0x15f30, 0x1af9c, 0x15f18,
                  0x1af8e, 0x15f0c, 0x15fb8, 0x1afde, 0x15f9c, 0x15f8e,
                  0x1e940, 0x1f4b0, 0x1fa5c, 0x1e920, 0x1f498, 0x1fa4e,
                  0x1e910, 0x1f48c, 0x1e908, 0x1f486, 0x1e904, 0x1e902,
                  0x1d340, 0x1e9b0, 0x1f4dc, 0x1d320, 0x1e998, 0x1f4ce,
                  0x1d310, 0x1e98c, 0x1d308, 0x1e986, 0x1d304, 0x1d302,
                  0x1a740, 0x1d3b0, 0x1e9dc, 0x1a720, 0x1d398, 0x1e9ce,
                  0x1a710, 0x1d38c, 0x1a708, 0x1d386, 0x1a704, 0x1a702,
                  0x14f40, 0x1a7b0, 0x1d3dc, 0x14f20, 0x1a798, 0x1d3ce,
                  0x14f10, 0x1a78c, 0x14f08, 0x1a786, 0x14f04, 0x14fb0,
                  0x1a7dc, 0x14f98, 0x1a7ce, 0x14f8c, 0x14f86, 0x14fdc,
                  0x14fce, 0x1e8a0, 0x1f458, 0x1fa2e, 0x1e890, 0x1f44c,
                  0x1e888, 0x1f446, 0x1e884, 0x1e882, 0x1d1a0, 0x1e8d8,
                  0x1f46e, 0x1d190, 0x1e8cc, 0x1d188, 0x1e8c6, 0x1d184,
                  0x1d182, 0x1a3a0, 0x1d1d8, 0x1e8ee, 0x1a390, 0x1d1cc,
                  0x1a388, 0x1d1c6, 0x1a384, 0x1a382, 0x147a0, 0x1a3d8,
                  0x1d1ee, 0x14790, 0x1a3cc, 0x14788, 0x1a3c6, 0x14784,
                  0x14782, 0x147d8, 0x1a3ee, 0x147cc, 0x147c6, 0x147ee,
                  0x1e850, 0x1f42c, 0x1e848, 0x1f426, 0x1e844, 0x1e842,
                  0x1d0d0, 0x1e86c, 0x1d0c8, 0x1e866, 0x1d0c4, 0x1d0c2,
                  0x1a1d0, 0x1d0ec, 0x1a1c8, 0x1d0e6, 0x1a1c4, 0x1a1c2,
                  0x143d0, 0x1a1ec, 0x143c8, 0x1a1e6, 0x143c4, 0x143c2,
                  0x143ec, 0x143e6, 0x1e828, 0x1f416, 0x1e824, 0x1e822,
                  0x1d068, 0x1e836, 0x1d064, 0x1d062, 0x1a0e8, 0x1d076,
                  0x1a0e4, 0x1a0e2, 0x141e8, 0x1a0f6, 0x141e4, 0x141e2,
                  0x1e814, 0x1e812, 0x1d034, 0x1d032, 0x1a074, 0x1a072,
                  0x1e540, 0x1f2b0, 0x1f95c, 0x1e520, 0x1f298, 0x1f94e,
                  0x1e510, 0x1f28c, 0x1e508, 0x1f286, 0x1e504, 0x1e502,
                  0x1cb40, 0x1e5b0, 0x1f2dc, 0x1cb20, 0x1e598, 0x1f2ce,
                  0x1cb10, 0x1e58c, 0x1cb08, 0x1e586, 0x1cb04, 0x1cb02,
                  0x19740, 0x1cbb0, 0x1e5dc, 0x19720, 0x1cb98, 0x1e5ce,
                  0x19710, 0x1cb8c, 0x19708, 0x1cb86, 0x19704, 0x19702,
                  0x12f40, 0x197b0, 0x1cbdc, 0x12f20, 0x19798, 0x1cbce,
                  0x12f10, 0x1978c, 0x12f08, 0x19786, 0x12f04, 0x12fb0,
                  0x197dc, 0x12f98, 0x197ce, 0x12f8c, 0x12f86, 0x12fdc,
                  0x12fce, 0x1f6a0, 0x1fb58, 0x16bf0, 0x1f690, 0x1fb4c,
                  0x169f8, 0x1f688, 0x1fb46, 0x168fc, 0x1f684, 0x1f682,
                  0x1e4a0, 0x1f258, 0x1f92e, 0x1eda0, 0x1e490, 0x1fb6e,
                  0x1ed90, 0x1f6cc, 0x1f246, 0x1ed88, 0x1e484, 0x1ed84,
                  0x1e482, 0x1ed82, 0x1c9a0, 0x1e4d8, 0x1f26e, 0x1dba0,
                  0x1c990, 0x1e4cc, 0x1db90, 0x1edcc, 0x1e4c6, 0x1db88,
                  0x1c984, 0x1db84, 0x1c982, 0x1db82, 0x193a0, 0x1c9d8,
                  0x1e4ee, 0x1b7a0, 0x19390, 0x1c9cc, 0x1b790, 0x1dbcc,
                  0x1c9c6, 0x1b788, 0x19384, 0x1b784, 0x19382, 0x1b782,
                  0x127a0, 0x193d8, 0x1c9ee, 0x16fa0, 0x12790, 0x193cc,
                  0x16f90, 0x1b7cc, 0x193c6, 0x16f88, 0x12784, 0x16f84,
                  0x12782, 0x127d8, 0x193ee, 0x16fd8, 0x127cc, 0x16fcc,
                  0x127c6, 0x16fc6, 0x127ee, 0x1f650, 0x1fb2c, 0x165f8,
                  0x1f648, 0x1fb26, 0x164fc, 0x1f644, 0x1647e, 0x1f642,
                  0x1e450, 0x1f22c, 0x1ecd0, 0x1e448, 0x1f226, 0x1ecc8,
                  0x1f666, 0x1ecc4, 0x1e442, 0x1ecc2, 0x1c8d0, 0x1e46c,
                  0x1d9d0, 0x1c8c8, 0x1e466, 0x1d9c8, 0x1ece6, 0x1d9c4,
                  0x1c8c2, 0x1d9c2, 0x191d0, 0x1c8ec, 0x1b3d0, 0x191c8,
                  0x1c8e6, 0x1b3c8, 0x1d9e6, 0x1b3c4, 0x191c2, 0x1b3c2,
                  0x123d0, 0x191ec, 0x167d0, 0x123c8, 0x191e6, 0x167c8,
                  0x1b3e6, 0x167c4, 0x123c2, 0x167c2, 0x123ec, 0x167ec,
                  0x123e6, 0x167e6, 0x1f628, 0x1fb16, 0x162fc, 0x1f624,
                  0x1627e, 0x1f622, 0x1e428, 0x1f216, 0x1ec68, 0x1f636,
                  0x1ec64, 0x1e422, 0x1ec62, 0x1c868, 0x1e436, 0x1d8e8,
                  0x1c864, 0x1d8e4, 0x1c862, 0x1d8e2, 0x190e8, 0x1c876,
                  0x1b1e8, 0x1d8f6, 0x1b1e4, 0x190e2, 0x1b1e2, 0x121e8,
                  0x190f6, 0x163e8, 0x121e4, 0x163e4, 0x121e2, 0x163e2,
                  0x121f6, 0x163f6, 0x1f614, 0x1617e, 0x1f612, 0x1e414,
                  0x1ec34, 0x1e412, 0x1ec32, 0x1c834, 0x1d874, 0x1c832,
                  0x1d872, 0x19074, 0x1b0f4, 0x19072, 0x1b0f2, 0x120f4,
                  0x161f4, 0x120f2, 0x161f2, 0x1f60a, 0x1e40a, 0x1ec1a,
                  0x1c81a, 0x1d83a, 0x1903a, 0x1b07a, 0x1e2a0, 0x1f158,
                  0x1f8ae, 0x1e290, 0x1f14c, 0x1e288, 0x1f146, 0x1e284,
                  0x1e282, 0x1c5a0, 0x1e2d8, 0x1f16e, 0x1c590, 0x1e2cc,
                  0x1c588, 0x1e2c6, 0x1c584, 0x1c582, 0x18ba0, 0x1c5d8,
                  0x1e2ee, 0x18b90, 0x1c5cc, 0x18b88, 0x1c5c6, 0x18b84,
                  0x18b82, 0x117a0, 0x18bd8, 0x1c5ee, 0x11790, 0x18bcc,
                  0x11788, 0x18bc6, 0x11784, 0x11782, 0x117d8, 0x18bee,
                  0x117cc, 0x117c6, 0x117ee, 0x1f350, 0x1f9ac, 0x135f8,
                  0x1f348, 0x1f9a6, 0x134fc, 0x1f344, 0x1347e, 0x1f342,
                  0x1e250, 0x1f12c, 0x1e6d0, 0x1e248, 0x1f126, 0x1e6c8,
                  0x1f366, 0x1e6c4, 0x1e242, 0x1e6c2, 0x1c4d0, 0x1e26c,
                  0x1cdd0, 0x1c4c8, 0x1e266, 0x1cdc8, 0x1e6e6, 0x1cdc4,
                  0x1c4c2, 0x1cdc2, 0x189d0, 0x1c4ec, 0x19bd0, 0x189c8,
                  0x1c4e6, 0x19bc8, 0x1cde6, 0x19bc4, 0x189c2, 0x19bc2,
                  0x113d0, 0x189ec, 0x137d0, 0x113c8, 0x189e6, 0x137c8,
                  0x19be6, 0x137c4, 0x113c2, 0x137c2, 0x113ec, 0x137ec,
                  0x113e6, 0x137e6, 0x1fba8, 0x175f0, 0x1bafc, 0x1fba4,
                  0x174f8, 0x1ba7e, 0x1fba2, 0x1747c, 0x1743e, 0x1f328,
                  0x1f996, 0x132fc, 0x1f768, 0x1fbb6, 0x176fc, 0x1327e,
                  0x1f764, 0x1f322, 0x1767e, 0x1f762, 0x1e228, 0x1f116,
                  0x1e668, 0x1e224, 0x1eee8, 0x1f776, 0x1e222, 0x1eee4,
                  0x1e662, 0x1eee2, 0x1c468, 0x1e236, 0x1cce8, 0x1c464,
                  0x1dde8, 0x1cce4, 0x1c462, 0x1dde4, 0x1cce2, 0x1dde2,
                  0x188e8, 0x1c476, 0x199e8, 0x188e4, 0x1bbe8, 0x199e4,
                  0x188e2, 0x1bbe4, 0x199e2, 0x1bbe2, 0x111e8, 0x188f6,
                  0x133e8, 0x111e4, 0x177e8, 0x133e4, 0x111e2, 0x177e4,
                  0x133e2, 0x177e2, 0x111f6, 0x133f6, 0x1fb94, 0x172f8,
                  0x1b97e, 0x1fb92, 0x1727c, 0x1723e, 0x1f314, 0x1317e,
                  0x1f734, 0x1f312, 0x1737e, 0x1f732, 0x1e214, 0x1e634,
                  0x1e212, 0x1ee74, 0x1e632, 0x1ee72, 0x1c434, 0x1cc74,
                  0x1c432, 0x1dcf4, 0x1cc72, 0x1dcf2, 0x18874, 0x198f4,
                  0x18872, 0x1b9f4, 0x198f2, 0x1b9f2, 0x110f4, 0x131f4,
                  0x110f2, 0x173f4, 0x131f2, 0x173f2, 0x1fb8a, 0x1717c,
                  0x1713e, 0x1f30a, 0x1f71a, 0x1e20a, 0x1e61a, 0x1ee3a,
                  0x1c41a, 0x1cc3a, 0x1dc7a, 0x1883a, 0x1987a, 0x1b8fa,
                  0x1107a, 0x130fa, 0x171fa, 0x170be, 0x1e150, 0x1f0ac,
                  0x1e148, 0x1f0a6, 0x1e144, 0x1e142, 0x1c2d0, 0x1e16c,
                  0x1c2c8, 0x1e166, 0x1c2c4, 0x1c2c2, 0x185d0, 0x1c2ec,
                  0x185c8, 0x1c2e6, 0x185c4, 0x185c2, 0x10bd0, 0x185ec,
                  0x10bc8, 0x185e6, 0x10bc4, 0x10bc2, 0x10bec, 0x10be6,
                  0x1f1a8, 0x1f8d6, 0x11afc, 0x1f1a4, 0x11a7e, 0x1f1a2,
                  0x1e128, 0x1f096, 0x1e368, 0x1e124, 0x1e364, 0x1e122,
                  0x1e362, 0x1c268, 0x1e136, 0x1c6e8, 0x1c264, 0x1c6e4,
                  0x1c262, 0x1c6e2, 0x184e8, 0x1c276, 0x18de8, 0x184e4,
                  0x18de4, 0x184e2, 0x18de2, 0x109e8, 0x184f6, 0x11be8,
                  0x109e4, 0x11be4, 0x109e2, 0x11be2, 0x109f6, 0x11bf6,
                  0x1f9d4, 0x13af8, 0x19d7e, 0x1f9d2, 0x13a7c, 0x13a3e,
                  0x1f194, 0x1197e, 0x1f3b4, 0x1f192, 0x13b7e, 0x1f3b2,
                  0x1e114, 0x1e334, 0x1e112, 0x1e774, 0x1e332, 0x1e772,
                  0x1c234, 0x1c674, 0x1c232, 0x1cef4, 0x1c672, 0x1cef2,
                  0x18474, 0x18cf4, 0x18472, 0x19df4, 0x18cf2, 0x19df2,
                  0x108f4, 0x119f4, 0x108f2, 0x13bf4, 0x119f2, 0x13bf2,
                  0x17af0, 0x1bd7c, 0x17a78, 0x1bd3e, 0x17a3c, 0x17a1e,
                  0x1f9ca, 0x1397c, 0x1fbda, 0x17b7c, 0x1393e, 0x17b3e,
                  0x1f18a, 0x1f39a, 0x1f7ba, 0x1e10a, 0x1e31a, 0x1e73a,
                  0x1ef7a, 0x1c21a, 0x1c63a, 0x1ce7a, 0x1defa, 0x1843a,
                  0x18c7a, 0x19cfa, 0x1bdfa, 0x1087a, 0x118fa, 0x139fa,
                  0x17978, 0x1bcbe, 0x1793c, 0x1791e, 0x138be, 0x179be,
                  0x178bc, 0x1789e, 0x1785e, 0x1e0a8, 0x1e0a4, 0x1e0a2,
                  0x1c168, 0x1e0b6, 0x1c164, 0x1c162, 0x182e8, 0x1c176,
                  0x182e4, 0x182e2, 0x105e8, 0x182f6, 0x105e4, 0x105e2,
                  0x105f6, 0x1f0d4, 0x10d7e, 0x1f0d2, 0x1e094, 0x1e1b4,
                  0x1e092, 0x1e1b2, 0x1c134, 0x1c374, 0x1c132, 0x1c372,
                  0x18274, 0x186f4, 0x18272, 0x186f2, 0x104f4, 0x10df4,
                  0x104f2, 0x10df2, 0x1f8ea, 0x11d7c, 0x11d3e, 0x1f0ca,
                  0x1f1da, 0x1e08a, 0x1e19a, 0x1e3ba, 0x1c11a, 0x1c33a,
                  0x1c77a, 0x1823a, 0x1867a, 0x18efa, 0x1047a, 0x10cfa,
                  0x11dfa, 0x13d78, 0x19ebe, 0x13d3c, 0x13d1e, 0x11cbe,
                  0x13dbe, 0x17d70, 0x1bebc, 0x17d38, 0x1be9e, 0x17d1c,
                  0x17d0e, 0x13cbc, 0x17dbc, 0x13c9e, 0x17d9e, 0x17cb8,
                  0x1be5e, 0x17c9c, 0x17c8e, 0x13c5e, 0x17cde, 0x17c5c,
                  0x17c4e, 0x17c2e, 0x1c0b4, 0x1c0b2, 0x18174, 0x18172,
                  0x102f4, 0x102f2, 0x1e0da, 0x1c09a, 0x1c1ba, 0x1813a,
                  0x1837a, 0x1027a, 0x106fa, 0x10ebe, 0x11ebc, 0x11e9e,
                  0x13eb8, 0x19f5e, 0x13e9c, 0x13e8e, 0x11e5e, 0x13ede,
                  0x17eb0, 0x1bf5c, 0x17e98, 0x1bf4e, 0x17e8c, 0x17e86,
                  0x13e5c, 0x17edc, 0x13e4e, 0x17ece, 0x17e58, 0x1bf2e,
                  0x17e4c, 0x17e46, 0x13e2e, 0x17e6e, 0x17e2c, 0x17e26,
                  0x10f5e, 0x11f5c, 0x11f4e, 0x13f58, 0x19fae, 0x13f4c,
                  0x13f46, 0x11f2e, 0x13f6e, 0x13f2c, 0x13f26
                  0x1abe0, 0x1d5f8, 0x153c0, 0x1a9f0, 0x1d4fc, 0x151e0,
                  0x1a8f8, 0x1d47e, 0x150f0, 0x1a87c, 0x15078, 0x1fad0,
                  0x15be0, 0x1adf8, 0x1fac8, 0x159f0, 0x1acfc, 0x1fac4,
                  0x158f8, 0x1ac7e, 0x1fac2, 0x1587c, 0x1f5d0, 0x1faec,
                  0x15df8, 0x1f5c8, 0x1fae6, 0x15cfc, 0x1f5c4, 0x15c7e,
                  0x1f5c2, 0x1ebd0, 0x1f5ec, 0x1ebc8, 0x1f5e6, 0x1ebc4,
                  0x1ebc2, 0x1d7d0, 0x1ebec, 0x1d7c8, 0x1ebe6, 0x1d7c4,
                  0x1d7c2, 0x1afd0, 0x1d7ec, 0x1afc8, 0x1d7e6, 0x1afc4,
                  0x14bc0, 0x1a5f0, 0x1d2fc, 0x149e0, 0x1a4f8, 0x1d27e,
                  0x148f0, 0x1a47c, 0x14878, 0x1a43e, 0x1483c, 0x1fa68,
                  0x14df0, 0x1a6fc, 0x1fa64, 0x14cf8, 0x1a67e, 0x1fa62,
                  0x14c7c, 0x14c3e, 0x1f4e8, 0x1fa76, 0x14efc, 0x1f4e4,
                  0x14e7e, 0x1f4e2, 0x1e9e8, 0x1f4f6, 0x1e9e4, 0x1e9e2,
                  0x1d3e8, 0x1e9f6, 0x1d3e4, 0x1d3e2, 0x1a7e8, 0x1d3f6,
                  0x1a7e4, 0x1a7e2, 0x145e0, 0x1a2f8, 0x1d17e, 0x144f0,
                  0x1a27c, 0x14478, 0x1a23e, 0x1443c, 0x1441e, 0x1fa34,
                  0x146f8, 0x1a37e, 0x1fa32, 0x1467c, 0x1463e, 0x1f474,
                  0x1477e, 0x1f472, 0x1e8f4, 0x1e8f2, 0x1d1f4, 0x1d1f2,
                  0x1a3f4, 0x1a3f2, 0x142f0, 0x1a17c, 0x14278, 0x1a13e,
                  0x1423c, 0x1421e, 0x1fa1a, 0x1437c, 0x1433e, 0x1f43a,
                  0x1e87a, 0x1d0fa, 0x14178, 0x1a0be, 0x1413c, 0x1411e,
                  0x141be, 0x140bc, 0x1409e, 0x12bc0, 0x195f0, 0x1cafc,
                  0x129e0, 0x194f8, 0x1ca7e, 0x128f0, 0x1947c, 0x12878,
                  0x1943e, 0x1283c, 0x1f968, 0x12df0, 0x196fc, 0x1f964,
                  0x12cf8, 0x1967e, 0x1f962, 0x12c7c, 0x12c3e, 0x1f2e8,
                  0x1f976, 0x12efc, 0x1f2e4, 0x12e7e, 0x1f2e2, 0x1e5e8,
                  0x1f2f6, 0x1e5e4, 0x1e5e2, 0x1cbe8, 0x1e5f6, 0x1cbe4,
                  0x1cbe2, 0x197e8, 0x1cbf6, 0x197e4, 0x197e2, 0x1b5e0,
                  0x1daf8, 0x1ed7e, 0x169c0, 0x1b4f0, 0x1da7c, 0x168e0,
                  0x1b478, 0x1da3e, 0x16870, 0x1b43c, 0x16838, 0x1b41e,
                  0x1681c, 0x125e0, 0x192f8, 0x1c97e, 0x16de0, 0x124f0,
                  0x1927c, 0x16cf0, 0x1b67c, 0x1923e, 0x16c78, 0x1243c,
                  0x16c3c, 0x1241e, 0x16c1e, 0x1f934, 0x126f8, 0x1937e,
                  0x1fb74, 0x1f932, 0x16ef8, 0x1267c, 0x1fb72, 0x16e7c,
                  0x1263e, 0x16e3e, 0x1f274, 0x1277e, 0x1f6f4, 0x1f272,
                  0x16f7e, 0x1f6f2, 0x1e4f4, 0x1edf4, 0x1e4f2, 0x1edf2,
                  0x1c9f4, 0x1dbf4, 0x1c9f2, 0x1dbf2, 0x193f4, 0x193f2,
                  0x165c0, 0x1b2f0, 0x1d97c, 0x164e0, 0x1b278, 0x1d93e,
                  0x16470, 0x1b23c, 0x16438, 0x1b21e, 0x1641c, 0x1640e,
                  0x122f0, 0x1917c, 0x166f0, 0x12278, 0x1913e, 0x16678,
                  0x1b33e, 0x1663c, 0x1221e, 0x1661e, 0x1f91a, 0x1237c,
                  0x1fb3a, 0x1677c, 0x1233e, 0x1673e, 0x1f23a, 0x1f67a,
                  0x1e47a, 0x1ecfa, 0x1c8fa, 0x1d9fa, 0x191fa, 0x162e0,
                  0x1b178, 0x1d8be, 0x16270, 0x1b13c, 0x16238, 0x1b11e,
                  0x1621c, 0x1620e, 0x12178, 0x190be, 0x16378, 0x1213c,
                  0x1633c, 0x1211e, 0x1631e, 0x121be, 0x163be, 0x16170,
                  0x1b0bc, 0x16138, 0x1b09e, 0x1611c, 0x1610e, 0x120bc,
                  0x161bc, 0x1209e, 0x1619e, 0x160b8, 0x1b05e, 0x1609c,
                  0x1608e, 0x1205e, 0x160de, 0x1605c, 0x1604e, 0x115e0,
                  0x18af8, 0x1c57e, 0x114f0, 0x18a7c, 0x11478, 0x18a3e,
                  0x1143c, 0x1141e, 0x1f8b4, 0x116f8, 0x18b7e, 0x1f8b2,
                  0x1167c, 0x1163e, 0x1f174, 0x1177e, 0x1f172, 0x1e2f4,
                  0x1e2f2, 0x1c5f4, 0x1c5f2, 0x18bf4, 0x18bf2, 0x135c0,
                  0x19af0, 0x1cd7c, 0x134e0, 0x19a78, 0x1cd3e, 0x13470,
                  0x19a3c, 0x13438, 0x19a1e, 0x1341c, 0x1340e, 0x112f0,
                  0x1897c, 0x136f0, 0x11278, 0x1893e, 0x13678, 0x19b3e,
                  0x1363c, 0x1121e, 0x1361e, 0x1f89a, 0x1137c, 0x1f9ba,
                  0x1377c, 0x1133e, 0x1373e, 0x1f13a, 0x1f37a, 0x1e27a,
                  0x1e6fa, 0x1c4fa, 0x1cdfa, 0x189fa, 0x1bae0, 0x1dd78,
                  0x1eebe, 0x174c0, 0x1ba70, 0x1dd3c, 0x17460, 0x1ba38,
                  0x1dd1e, 0x17430, 0x1ba1c, 0x17418, 0x1ba0e, 0x1740c,
                  0x132e0, 0x19978, 0x1ccbe, 0x176e0, 0x13270, 0x1993c,
                  0x17670, 0x1bb3c, 0x1991e, 0x17638, 0x1321c, 0x1761c,
                  0x1320e, 0x1760e, 0x11178, 0x188be, 0x13378, 0x1113c,
                  0x17778, 0x1333c, 0x1111e, 0x1773c, 0x1331e, 0x1771e,
                  0x111be, 0x133be, 0x177be, 0x172c0, 0x1b970, 0x1dcbc,
                  0x17260, 0x1b938, 0x1dc9e, 0x17230, 0x1b91c, 0x17218,
                  0x1b90e, 0x1720c, 0x17206, 0x13170, 0x198bc, 0x17370,
                  0x13138, 0x1989e, 0x17338, 0x1b99e, 0x1731c, 0x1310e,
                  0x1730e, 0x110bc, 0x131bc, 0x1109e, 0x173bc, 0x1319e,
                  0x1739e, 0x17160, 0x1b8b8, 0x1dc5e, 0x17130, 0x1b89c,
                  0x17118, 0x1b88e, 0x1710c, 0x17106, 0x130b8, 0x1985e,
                  0x171b8, 0x1309c, 0x1719c, 0x1308e, 0x1718e, 0x1105e,
                  0x130de, 0x171de, 0x170b0, 0x1b85c, 0x17098, 0x1b84e,
                  0x1708c, 0x17086, 0x1305c, 0x170dc, 0x1304e, 0x170ce,
                  0x17058, 0x1b82e, 0x1704c, 0x17046, 0x1302e, 0x1706e,
                  0x1702c, 0x17026, 0x10af0, 0x1857c, 0x10a78, 0x1853e,
                  0x10a3c, 0x10a1e, 0x10b7c, 0x10b3e, 0x1f0ba, 0x1e17a,
                  0x1c2fa, 0x185fa, 0x11ae0, 0x18d78, 0x1c6be, 0x11a70,
                  0x18d3c, 0x11a38, 0x18d1e, 0x11a1c, 0x11a0e, 0x10978,
                  0x184be, 0x11b78, 0x1093c, 0x11b3c, 0x1091e, 0x11b1e,
                  0x109be, 0x11bbe, 0x13ac0, 0x19d70, 0x1cebc, 0x13a60,
                  0x19d38, 0x1ce9e, 0x13a30, 0x19d1c, 0x13a18, 0x19d0e,
                  0x13a0c, 0x13a06, 0x11970, 0x18cbc, 0x13b70, 0x11938,
                  0x18c9e, 0x13b38, 0x1191c, 0x13b1c, 0x1190e, 0x13b0e,
                  0x108bc, 0x119bc, 0x1089e, 0x13bbc, 0x1199e, 0x13b9e,
                  0x1bd60, 0x1deb8, 0x1ef5e, 0x17a40, 0x1bd30, 0x1de9c,
                  0x17a20, 0x1bd18, 0x1de8e, 0x17a10, 0x1bd0c, 0x17a08,
                  0x1bd06, 0x17a04, 0x13960, 0x19cb8, 0x1ce5e, 0x17b60,
                  0x13930, 0x19c9c, 0x17b30, 0x1bd9c, 0x19c8e, 0x17b18,
                  0x1390c, 0x17b0c, 0x13906, 0x17b06, 0x118b8, 0x18c5e,
                  0x139b8, 0x1189c, 0x17bb8, 0x1399c, 0x1188e, 0x17b9c,
                  0x1398e, 0x17b8e, 0x1085e, 0x118de, 0x139de, 0x17bde,
                  0x17940, 0x1bcb0, 0x1de5c, 0x17920, 0x1bc98, 0x1de4e,
                  0x17910, 0x1bc8c, 0x17908, 0x1bc86, 0x17904, 0x17902,
                  0x138b0, 0x19c5c, 0x179b0, 0x13898, 0x19c4e, 0x17998,
                  0x1bcce, 0x1798c, 0x13886, 0x17986, 0x1185c, 0x138dc,
                  0x1184e, 0x179dc, 0x138ce, 0x179ce, 0x178a0, 0x1bc58,
                  0x1de2e, 0x17890, 0x1bc4c, 0x17888, 0x1bc46, 0x17884,
                  0x17882, 0x13858, 0x19c2e, 0x178d8, 0x1384c, 0x178cc,
                  0x13846, 0x178c6, 0x1182e, 0x1386e, 0x178ee, 0x17850,
                  0x1bc2c, 0x17848, 0x1bc26, 0x17844, 0x17842, 0x1382c,
                  0x1786c, 0x13826, 0x17866, 0x17828, 0x1bc16, 0x17824,
                  0x17822, 0x13816, 0x17836, 0x10578, 0x182be, 0x1053c,
                  0x1051e, 0x105be, 0x10d70, 0x186bc, 0x10d38, 0x1869e,
                  0x10d1c, 0x10d0e, 0x104bc, 0x10dbc, 0x1049e, 0x10d9e,
                  0x11d60, 0x18eb8, 0x1c75e, 0x11d30, 0x18e9c, 0x11d18,
                  0x18e8e, 0x11d0c, 0x11d06, 0x10cb8, 0x1865e, 0x11db8,
                  0x10c9c, 0x11d9c, 0x10c8e, 0x11d8e, 0x1045e, 0x10cde,
                  0x11dde, 0x13d40, 0x19eb0, 0x1cf5c, 0x13d20, 0x19e98,
                  0x1cf4e, 0x13d10, 0x19e8c, 0x13d08, 0x19e86, 0x13d04,
                  0x13d02, 0x11cb0, 0x18e5c, 0x13db0, 0x11c98, 0x18e4e,
                  0x13d98, 0x19ece, 0x13d8c, 0x11c86, 0x13d86, 0x10c5c,
                  0x11cdc, 0x10c4e, 0x13ddc, 0x11cce, 0x13dce, 0x1bea0,
                  0x1df58, 0x1efae, 0x1be90, 0x1df4c, 0x1be88, 0x1df46,
                  0x1be84, 0x1be82, 0x13ca0, 0x19e58, 0x1cf2e, 0x17da0,
                  0x13c90, 0x19e4c, 0x17d90, 0x1becc, 0x19e46, 0x17d88,
                  0x13c84, 0x17d84, 0x13c82, 0x17d82, 0x11c58, 0x18e2e,
                  0x13cd8, 0x11c4c, 0x17dd8, 0x13ccc, 0x11c46, 0x17dcc,
                  0x13cc6, 0x17dc6, 0x10c2e, 0x11c6e, 0x13cee, 0x17dee,
                  0x1be50, 0x1df2c, 0x1be48, 0x1df26, 0x1be44, 0x1be42,
                  0x13c50, 0x19e2c, 0x17cd0, 0x13c48, 0x19e26, 0x17cc8,
                  0x1be66, 0x17cc4, 0x13c42, 0x17cc2, 0x11c2c, 0x13c6c,
                  0x11c26, 0x17cec, 0x13c66, 0x17ce6, 0x1be28, 0x1df16,
                  0x1be24, 0x1be22, 0x13c28, 0x19e16, 0x17c68, 0x13c24,
                  0x17c64, 0x13c22, 0x17c62, 0x11c16, 0x13c36, 0x17c76,
                  0x1be14, 0x1be12, 0x13c14, 0x17c34, 0x13c12, 0x17c32,
                  0x102bc, 0x1029e, 0x106b8, 0x1835e, 0x1069c, 0x1068e,
                  0x1025e, 0x106de, 0x10eb0, 0x1875c, 0x10e98, 0x1874e,
                  0x10e8c, 0x10e86, 0x1065c, 0x10edc, 0x1064e, 0x10ece,
                  0x11ea0, 0x18f58, 0x1c7ae, 0x11e90, 0x18f4c, 0x11e88,
                  0x18f46, 0x11e84, 0x11e82, 0x10e58, 0x1872e, 0x11ed8,
                  0x18f6e, 0x11ecc, 0x10e46, 0x11ec6, 0x1062e, 0x10e6e,
                  0x11eee, 0x19f50, 0x1cfac, 0x19f48, 0x1cfa6, 0x19f44,
                  0x19f42, 0x11e50, 0x18f2c, 0x13ed0, 0x19f6c, 0x18f26,
                  0x13ec8, 0x11e44, 0x13ec4, 0x11e42, 0x13ec2, 0x10e2c,
                  0x11e6c, 0x10e26, 0x13eec, 0x11e66, 0x13ee6, 0x1dfa8,
                  0x1efd6, 0x1dfa4, 0x1dfa2, 0x19f28, 0x1cf96, 0x1bf68,
                  0x19f24, 0x1bf64, 0x19f22, 0x1bf62, 0x11e28, 0x18f16,
                  0x13e68, 0x11e24, 0x17ee8, 0x13e64, 0x11e22, 0x17ee4,
                  0x13e62, 0x17ee2, 0x10e16, 0x11e36, 0x13e76, 0x17ef6,
                  0x1df94, 0x1df92, 0x19f14, 0x1bf34, 0x19f12, 0x1bf32,
                  0x11e14, 0x13e34, 0x11e12, 0x17e74, 0x13e32, 0x17e72,
                  0x1df8a, 0x19f0a, 0x1bf1a, 0x11e0a, 0x13e1a, 0x17e3a,
                  0x1035c, 0x1034e, 0x10758, 0x183ae, 0x1074c, 0x10746,
                  0x1032e, 0x1076e, 0x10f50, 0x187ac, 0x10f48, 0x187a6,
                  0x10f44, 0x10f42, 0x1072c, 0x10f6c, 0x10726, 0x10f66,
                  0x18fa8, 0x1c7d6, 0x18fa4, 0x18fa2, 0x10f28, 0x18796,
                  0x11f68, 0x18fb6, 0x11f64, 0x10f22, 0x11f62, 0x10716,
                  0x10f36, 0x11f76, 0x1cfd4, 0x1cfd2, 0x18f94, 0x19fb4,
                  0x18f92, 0x19fb2, 0x10f14, 0x11f34, 0x10f12, 0x13f74,
                  0x11f32, 0x13f72, 0x1cfca, 0x18f8a, 0x19f9a, 0x10f0a,
                  0x11f1a, 0x13f3a, 0x103ac, 0x103a6, 0x107a8, 0x183d6,
                  0x107a4, 0x107a2, 0x10396, 0x107b6, 0x187d4, 0x187d2,
                  0x10794, 0x10fb4, 0x10792, 0x10fb2, 0x1c7ea

      private const float PREFERRED_RATIO = 3.0f;
      private const float DEFAULT_MODULE_WIDTH = 0.357f; //1px in mm
      private const float HEIGHT = 2.0f; //mm

      private BarcodeMatrix barcodeMatrix;
      private bool compact;
      private Compaction compaction;
      private Encoding encoding;
      private bool disableEci;
      private int minCols;
      private int maxCols;
      private int maxRows;
      private int minRows;

      internal PDF417()
         : this(false)

      internal PDF417(bool compact)
         this.compact = compact;
         compaction = Compaction.AUTO;
         encoding = null; // use default
         disableEci = false;
         minCols = 2;
         maxCols = 30;
         maxRows = 30;
         minRows = 2;

      internal BarcodeMatrix BarcodeMatrix
         get { return barcodeMatrix; }

      /// <summary>
      /// Calculates the necessary number of rows as described in annex Q of ISO/IEC 15438:2001(E).
      /// </summary>
      /// <param name="m">the number of source codewords prior to the additional of the Symbol Length</param>
      ///          Descriptor and any pad codewords
      /// <param name="k">the number of error correction codewords</param>
      /// <param name="c">the number of columns in the symbol in the data region (excluding start, stop and</param>
      ///          row indicator codewords)
      /// <returns>the number of rows in the symbol (r)</returns>
      private static int calculateNumberOfRows(int m, int k, int c)
         int r = ((m + 1 + k)/c) + 1;
         if (c*r >= (m + 1 + k + c))
         return r;

      /// <summary>
      /// Calculates the number of pad codewords as described in 4.9.2 of ISO/IEC 15438:2001(E).
      /// </summary>
      /// <param name="m">the number of source codewords prior to the additional of the Symbol Length</param>
      ///          Descriptor and any pad codewords
      /// <param name="k">the number of error correction codewords</param>
      /// <param name="c">the number of columns in the symbol in the data region (excluding start, stop and</param>
      ///          row indicator codewords)
      /// <param name="r">the number of rows in the symbol</param>
      /// <returns>the number of pad codewords</returns>
      private static int getNumberOfPadCodewords(int m, int k, int c, int r)
         int n = c*r - k;
         return n > m + 1 ? n - m - 1 : 0;

      private static void encodeChar(int pattern, int len, BarcodeRow logic)
         int map = 1 << len - 1;
         bool last = (pattern & map) != 0; //Initialize to inverse of first bit
         int width = 0;
         for (int i = 0; i < len; i++)
            bool black = (pattern & map) != 0;
            if (last == black)
               logic.addBar(last, width);

               last = black;
               width = 1;
            map >>= 1;
         logic.addBar(last, width);

      private void encodeLowLevel(String fullCodewords,
                                  int c,
                                  int r,
                                  int errorCorrectionLevel,
                                  BarcodeMatrix logic)

         int idx = 0;
         for (int y = 0; y < r; y++)
            int cluster = y%3;
            encodeChar(START_PATTERN, 17, logic.getCurrentRow());

            int left;
            int right;
            if (cluster == 0)
               left = (30*(y/3)) + ((r - 1)/3);
               right = (30*(y/3)) + (c - 1);
            else if (cluster == 1)
               left = (30*(y/3)) + (errorCorrectionLevel*3) + ((r - 1)%3);
               right = (30*(y/3)) + ((r - 1)/3);
               left = (30*(y/3)) + (c - 1);
               right = (30*(y/3)) + (errorCorrectionLevel*3) + ((r - 1)%3);

            int pattern = CODEWORD_TABLE[cluster][left];
            encodeChar(pattern, 17, logic.getCurrentRow());

            for (int x = 0; x < c; x++)
               pattern = CODEWORD_TABLE[cluster][fullCodewords[idx]];
               encodeChar(pattern, 17, logic.getCurrentRow());

            if (compact)
               encodeChar(STOP_PATTERN, 1, logic.getCurrentRow()); // encodes stop line for compact pdf417
               pattern = CODEWORD_TABLE[cluster][right];
               encodeChar(pattern, 17, logic.getCurrentRow());

               encodeChar(STOP_PATTERN, 18, logic.getCurrentRow());

      /// <summary>
      /// Generates the barcode logic.
      /// </summary>
      /// <param name="msg">the message to encode</param>
      /// <param name="errorCorrectionLevel">PDF417 error correction level to use</param>
      internal void generateBarcodeLogic(String msg, int errorCorrectionLevel)

         //1. step: High-level encoding
         int errorCorrectionCodeWords = PDF417ErrorCorrection.getErrorCorrectionCodewordCount(errorCorrectionLevel);
         String highLevel = PDF417HighLevelEncoder.encodeHighLevel(msg, compaction, encoding, disableEci);
         int sourceCodeWords = highLevel.Length;

         int[] dimension = determineDimensions(sourceCodeWords, errorCorrectionCodeWords);

         int cols = dimension[0];
         int rows = dimension[1];

         int pad = getNumberOfPadCodewords(sourceCodeWords, errorCorrectionCodeWords, cols, rows);

         //2. step: construct data codewords
         if (sourceCodeWords + errorCorrectionCodeWords + 1 > 929)
            // +1 for symbol length CW
            throw new WriterException(
               "Encoded message contains to many code words, message to big (" + msg.Length + " bytes)");
         int n = sourceCodeWords + pad + 1;
         StringBuilder sb = new StringBuilder(n);
         sb.Append((char) n);
         for (int i = 0; i < pad; i++)
            sb.Append((char) 900); //PAD characters
         String dataCodewords = sb.ToString();

         //3. step: Error correction
         String ec = PDF417ErrorCorrection.generateErrorCorrection(dataCodewords, errorCorrectionLevel);
         String fullCodewords = dataCodewords + ec;

         //4. step: low-level encoding
         barcodeMatrix = new BarcodeMatrix(rows, cols);
         encodeLowLevel(fullCodewords, cols, rows, errorCorrectionLevel, barcodeMatrix);

      /// <summary>
      /// Determine optimal nr of columns and rows for the specified number of
      /// codewords.
      /// </summary>
      /// <param name="sourceCodeWords">number of code words</param>
      /// <param name="errorCorrectionCodeWords">number of error correction code words</param>
      /// <returns>dimension object containing cols as width and rows as height</returns>
      private int[] determineDimensions(int sourceCodeWords, int errorCorrectionCodeWords)
         float ratio = 0.0f;
         int[] dimension = null;

         for (int cols = minCols; cols <= maxCols; cols++)

            int rows = calculateNumberOfRows(sourceCodeWords, errorCorrectionCodeWords, cols);

            if (rows < minRows)

            if (rows > maxRows)

            float newRatio = ((17*cols + 69)*DEFAULT_MODULE_WIDTH)/(rows*HEIGHT);

            // ignore if previous ratio is closer to preferred ratio
            if (dimension != null && Math.Abs(newRatio - PREFERRED_RATIO) > Math.Abs(ratio - PREFERRED_RATIO))

            ratio = newRatio;
            dimension = new int[] {cols, rows};

         // Handle case when min values were larger than necessary
         if (dimension == null)
            int rows = calculateNumberOfRows(sourceCodeWords, errorCorrectionCodeWords, minCols);
            if (rows < minRows)
               dimension = new int[] {minCols, minRows};

         if (dimension == null)
            throw new WriterException("Unable to fit message in columns");

         return dimension;

      /// <summary>
      /// Sets max/min row/col values
      /// </summary>
      /// <param name="maxCols">maximum allowed columns</param>
      /// <param name="minCols">minimum allowed columns</param>
      /// <param name="maxRows">maximum allowed rows</param>
      /// <param name="minRows">minimum allowed rows</param>
      internal void setDimensions(int maxCols, int minCols, int maxRows, int minRows)
         this.maxCols = maxCols;
         this.minCols = minCols;
         this.maxRows = maxRows;
         this.minRows = minRows;

      /// <summary>
      /// Sets compaction to values stored in <see cref="Compaction"/>enum
      /// </summary>
      /// <param name="compaction">compaction mode to use</param>
      internal void setCompaction(Compaction compaction)
         this.compaction = compaction;

      /// <summary>
      /// Sets compact to be true or false
      /// </summary>
      /// <param name="compact">if true, enables compaction</param>
      internal void setCompact(bool compact)
         this.compact = compact;

      /// <summary>
      /// Sets output encoding.
      /// </summary>
      /// <param name="encodingname">sets character encoding to use</param>
      internal void setEncoding(String encodingname)
#if WindowsCE
            this.encoding = Encoding.GetEncoding(encodingname);
         catch (PlatformNotSupportedException)
            // WindowsCE doesn't support all encodings. But it is device depended.
            // So we try here the some different ones
            this.encoding = Encoding.GetEncoding(1252);
         this.encoding = Encoding.GetEncoding(encodingname);

      /// <summary>
      /// Sets the disable eci.
      /// </summary>
      /// <param name="disabled">if set to <c>true don't add an ECI segment for different encodings than default.
      internal void setDisableEci(bool disabled)
         this.disableEci = disabled;